Hue Duy Transport Company is currently one of the leading transport companies in providing freight forwarding services.

Over the years, the company has continuously invested in development. Currently, our company has been present in the northern provinces and the north-south route ensures always circulation for the transportation of goods. In order to ensure the delivery of goods to customers at all times, to ensure the progress on time, the delivery service must meet all the following factors: Humans must ensure the ethical Work with a high level of expertise; In terms of facilities (warehouses, factories…) to meet all means of transportation such as trucks, cranes, forklifts…, our company always puts prestige on top, so in The transportation process must always ensure the safety of the goods and the purchase of insurance is necessary.

Our company Hue Duy has all kinds of dump trucks, tractors for rent with all kinds of trucks (5 quintal truck, 1.25 ton truck, 1.5 ton truck, 2.5 truck). Ton truck, 3.5 ton truck, 5 ton truck, 8 ton truck, 8.5 ton truck, 10 ton truck, 12 ton truck, 15 ton truck, 20 ton truck, 25 ton vehicle… 3-legged vehicle , 4-legged vehicles, tractors…). Trucking service from 1 ton to 25 tons with a capacity of up to 80 tons ensures the transportation of all types of goods with different sizes. Truck rental service by trip, truck rental by month (drive by driver of Hue Duy company).

The car rental contract procedure is quick, the price is reasonable, the transportation by truck of our company meets the delivery service on all routes from the plateau to the delta and the north-central-south, With many different types of passenger cars, in any terrain we are ready to accompany. Renting self-propelled cranes from 1 ton to 30 tons to serve the lifting of goods, machinery and equipment at different heights to ensure the safety of goods without impact, installation requirements.

With heavy goods in a low position or unable to use a crane, forklift rental and lifting services of Hue Duy are indispensable, we rent forklifts from 1 ton to 10 tons (forklift rental). , forklift rental…). We always affirm that the package delivery service is the customer’s complete trust in our transport company.

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